Sunday, June 3, 2012

Questions Asked When Purchasing Umbrella Insurance

If you knew the questions they were going to ask you on a game show beforehand, chances are you’d probably do very well. Life is not a game show, however, and it’s rare anybody becomes wealthy just from knowing the answers to a few trivial questions.

Nevertheless, you may just feel like a game show winner if you are ready for the questions your agent or broker might ask you when you are purchasing umbrella insurance. Naturally, you cannot know everything they’ll ask. But the more you know, the better it will go.

You might be asked what you own in addition to your auto. Do you have any other motorized vehicles, such as motorcycles or mopeds? Now, this may be an uncomfortable one, but are there any drivers in your household with mental or physical impairments? You might be quizzed about whether or not you have any employees at your residence. Your agent or broker might also ask if you care for any property that is not your own, which exceeds a value of $1,000.

Knowing how to respond to these queries won’t make the audience go wild or cause some witty game show host to reach over and shake your hand. But by being prepared, you’ll help the process go a whole lot faster.

If you have questions about umbrella insurance or you’re ready to take out a policy, contact a customer service representative now.


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