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Every restaurant is unique. Therefore, the insurance program protecting each establishment should be unique, too.

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Many California homeowners find themselves being dropped from their homeowner’s insurance carriers or their coverage rates are skyrocketing.

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

California Restaurant Insurance

Do you own one of the fabulous restaurants in California? If you do, and you’re looking for restaurant insurance, ExcelSure Insurance is the agency to see. It’s one of our specialty areas - and if you wanted a special Chinese meal, you wouldn’t ask an Italian restaurant to make it for you, would you?
Restaurant Insurance covers 5 main areas because a restaurant business has unique risks. There are policies designed to protect the business owner, employees, premises, contents and fittings, and stock and cash.
In most restaurants there are a lot of customers and this means lots of contact with the public. People are legally aware these days so the likelihood of being sued has increased as well.
Public liability insurance covers you if a customer is injured on your business premises or becomes ill after eating at your establishment and alleges it is your fault.
You also need insurance to protect your employees if they are injured in the course of performing their job. You are legally responsible for your employees’ health and safety so insurance is essential. So is a safe work environment.
After a fire it is expensive to rebuild and replace stock, cash, fittings and other contents.  Other insurance policy options include insuring your stock and any cash in case of fire. You may also want to consider insuring contents and fittings as these are not covered in standard Building Insurance.
A Restaurant Insurance package will keep your California restaurant covered.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Purchasing HVAC Insurance in California

Working with air, heating, and ventilation systems is a complicated and involved job, and contractors and specialists looking to take out HVAC insurance in California should ensure that their policy offers adequate coverage for personnel, property, and equipment.

When signing up for HVAC insurance, contractors should take into account the following:

l  Whether the carrier provides coverage for residential or commercial contractors, or both;
l  The specific terms, costs, and extent of the policy;
l  Whether the policy extends to mistakes due to error, legal costs, and personnel-related costs;
l  The reputation and financial backing of the insurance carrier;

By its very nature, HVAC contracting can be a complex undertaking, covering different areas of specialisation, and therefore having vulnerabilities when it comes to liability. It's essential that HVAC contractors work with a reputable, experienced company to ensure that all possibilities and circumstances, both current and future, are covered by a suitable insurance policy.

Of course, HVAC contractors based in California or looking to undertake work in California might prefer to contact the HVAC Insurance experts at ExcelSure – our experience and expertise in the area allows us to arrange a tailored and effective insurance policy to suit the needs of any HVAC enterprise in California.