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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Costa Mesa Homeowners’ Policies

Shopping for better value Homeowners’ Policies for your Costa Mesa home? If you’ve just received the home insurance renewal notice you forgot was coming you’re probably re-assessing how much money you’ll be able to spend over Christmas! Perhaps we can help by finding you the same coverage at a better rate.

How is that possible? If you don’t already know we’re going to let you in on the secret – insurance carriers all have their own ways of assessing risk and premium quotes for the same homeowners’ policies, can in fact vary hundreds (in some cases thousands) of dollars for exactly the same insurance coverage.

If you’ve been blindly renewing your policy for years, or if you only obtained one quote when you took out your policy, you might be pleasantly surprised at how much an insurance agency like ExcelSure Agents can save you just by shopping around for a better deal. It’s likely we can save you money on your other policies too.

Now, wouldn’t it be nice to have more money to spend over the holiday season than you thought you had? If you’re in Costa Mesa call us today to find out more about better value homeowners’ policies.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Essentials about Purchasing Umbrella Insurance

If you need insurance for additional liability protection that exceeds your current insurance, an umbrella insurance policy may be just the thing for you. If so, you may be wondering what sort of information will be required of you when you apply for Umbrella insurance.

For a start, your insurance agent or broker will typically need your name, birth date, sex, marital status, years licensed, and occupation of all drivers in your household. Additionally, he or she will require violation and accident information for the past five years for all drivers in your household. Next, you’ll need to provide a list of all you own, which includes your home, autos, watercraft, recreational vehicles, rental units, land, and motorcycles.

Be prepared to provide data concerning your current insurance company, including expiration dates, and any claims over the past five years. Lastly, know the liability limit you want or need, for most familys the amount is typically between one and five million dollars.

There are important bits of information that may be necessary when purchasing umbrella insurance. But the more prepared you are, the easier this process will be. It might pay to take the time to check and write all the required information down, rather than depending upon your memory. Bringing in your current policy documents might be the easiest and best thing to do.

If you have questions about personal umbrella insurance, contact of our customer service representatives