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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Costa Mesa Homeowners’ Policies

Shopping for better value Homeowners’ Policies for your Costa Mesa home? If you’ve just received the home insurance renewal notice you forgot was coming you’re probably re-assessing how much money you’ll be able to spend over Christmas! Perhaps we can help by finding you the same coverage at a better rate.

How is that possible? If you don’t already know we’re going to let you in on the secret – insurance carriers all have their own ways of assessing risk and premium quotes for the same homeowners’ policies, can in fact vary hundreds (in some cases thousands) of dollars for exactly the same insurance coverage.

If you’ve been blindly renewing your policy for years, or if you only obtained one quote when you took out your policy, you might be pleasantly surprised at how much an insurance agency like ExcelSure Agents can save you just by shopping around for a better deal. It’s likely we can save you money on your other policies too.

Now, wouldn’t it be nice to have more money to spend over the holiday season than you thought you had? If you’re in Costa Mesa call us today to find out more about better value homeowners’ policies.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Essentials about Purchasing Umbrella Insurance

If you need insurance for additional liability protection that exceeds your current insurance, an umbrella insurance policy may be just the thing for you. If so, you may be wondering what sort of information will be required of you when you apply for Umbrella insurance.

For a start, your insurance agent or broker will typically need your name, birth date, sex, marital status, years licensed, and occupation of all drivers in your household. Additionally, he or she will require violation and accident information for the past five years for all drivers in your household. Next, you’ll need to provide a list of all you own, which includes your home, autos, watercraft, recreational vehicles, rental units, land, and motorcycles.

Be prepared to provide data concerning your current insurance company, including expiration dates, and any claims over the past five years. Lastly, know the liability limit you want or need, for most familys the amount is typically between one and five million dollars.

There are important bits of information that may be necessary when purchasing umbrella insurance. But the more prepared you are, the easier this process will be. It might pay to take the time to check and write all the required information down, rather than depending upon your memory. Bringing in your current policy documents might be the easiest and best thing to do.

If you have questions about personal umbrella insurance, contact of our customer service representatives

Friday, November 23, 2012

Costa Mesa Homeowner’s Insurance

When it comes to Costa Mesa Homeowners Insurance, we at Excelsure Insurance are the experts. We take your home and the protection of all of your assets to heart. Crafting an insurance solution for you that takes into account your specific needs and assets.
Owning your own home is a real achievement and you should be congratulated for having accomplished that. Whether you own it outright or still have a mortgage, the right insurance cover is not something that you should take for granted. Policies do change and most of us don’t read the notices that the insurance company sends out notifying of changes to policy wording. Who reads the policy in the first place, let alone care about a bit of wording in legal language? You should, because that is going to be the guiding document for what is and is not covered in case an accident occurs.
You should revise your home insurance policy and your level of coverage annually – but you’ve heard that before haven’t you and who wants to be continually going over their insurance? The solution might just be to contact an experienced professional that can assist you in figuring out what is and is not needed. It’s our job to learn what your goals are in life and what you need to protect. We know how your policy is changing and can recommend steps to ensure you are fully protected.
Your home can be severely damaged by the elements in their extreme - snow storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes. Will your home be fully protected if disaster strikes today?

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Looking for commercial general liability insurance? It’s possible to take out a general liability insurance policy to cover your business for some common liability risks. If you or your employees offer advice to clients or make significant judgments that may affect your clients’ health and wellbeing, financial wellbeing or business operations, you may need additional professional liability coverage.

Here are some common risks businesses and consultancies that you may want coverage for:

§  Libel or slander
§  Copyright infringement associated with publications or advertising
§  Employment practices (discrimination, for example)
§  Bodily injury caused by you or an employee
§  Property damage caused by you or an employee
§  Professional negligence

Ensuring your business has adequate coverage is essential. Without it, a law suit could send your business into bankruptcy and even place your personal assets at risk.

There’s another good reason to ensure you have adequate liability coverage. Accidents and errors do happen and the more employees you have, the greater the chance of occurrence.  Compensating a person who is genuinely injured or has otherwise suffered due to an act or omission by you or an employee is usually the right and just thing to do. Liability insurance exists so that genuine victims can be compensated.

If you’d like to protect yourself and others, contact us today to discuss your liability insurance requirements.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

General Liability Insurance in California

Starting a business takes a lot of time and effort, not to mention the financial cost involved. Having put so much into it, the last thing you want is for your business to be financially damaged by a lawsuit or even worse having to go out of business.  Every company – no matter what it does or how successful it is, no matter how big or small, new or old – should be protected by a general liability insurance policy. It is in many ways the most basic business insurance coverage available.

A general liability insurance policy protects your business, and ultimately you and your assets, by covering you for accidents or property damage, if a lawsuit is filed and you or one of your employees are found to be liable.

Of course, no business owner wants the stress of going through a law suit. We can’t plan ahead enough or put enough safe guards in place to completely eliminate all the risks of doing business. None the less, there are many things you can do to help reduce the chances of a claim or lawsuit being filed against you:

§  Set a high standard for quality control of your product or service.
§  Maintain company records and keep them up to date.
§  Provide quality training for your employees.
§  Develop a good set of safety procedures that incorporate the safety of visitors on your business premises.
§  Place a strong emphasis on customer service – a happy customer is less likely to file a trivial claim.

Helping business owners is one of our specialties so if you need general liability insurance in California, please speak to us about your business insurance needs. We are confident we will find a solution for you.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Umbrella Insurance and Divorce

People hate the act so much they call it the “D” word. An old country song even spelled it out to avoid having to sing it. Nevertheless, divorce is a part of life, as much as we all hate it. If you have umbrella insurance, and you get divorced, you’ll need to update that policy, as well as other insurance policies.

If you’ve split with a partner, get out copies of all your current common polices and decide which ones you’ll keep. In addition to your umbrella policy - or policies - you’ll need to examine homeowners, auto, life, and any other insurance policies. Next, look into any additional insurance you might need. For instance, if your former spouse provided your life insurance through his or her employer, you may need to replace that insurance with something of your own. There may also be a need for reduction, which might require closing out an insurance policy. Naturally, if the policies are in both names, you’ll need to change that.

Lastly, this might be a good time to update your coverage. Say, for example, your former spouse had a high-risk hobby or occupation. In that case, your umbrella insurance may go down. Therefore, be sure to inquire about new rates based upon your updated status.

If you have any questions at all about how a divorce will affect your insurance policies, please be sure to contact a customer service representative. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Car Insurance Basics for Costa Mesa California

If you’re looking for car insurance in Costa Mesa CA, we can help. We’re licensed in the State of California and our experience agents can find you the most affordable car insurance from a big variety of carriers.

If you’re new to the State, there are mandatory levels of liability insurance and you’ll need to show proof of insurance coverage when you go to register your vehicle. You’ll be pleased to know that our vehicle theft statistics are well below the national average – but that shouldn’t deter you from taking out comprehensive car insurance to protect your vehicle, because thefts do happen. And of course, there are other reasons to take out comprehensive insurance. It can cover you where collision insurance won’t. – fallen trees branches, storm damage, flood or acts of vandalism.

While auto theft rates are low we do have our share of vehicle accidents so additional liability and collision coverage should be considered.

When insuring your vehicle in Costa Mesa CA you must use an agency or insurer that is licensed in the State of California or your insurance won’t be valid – and that would be a nasty surprise in the event of an accident or theft.

Prices vary between carriers so shopping around for a good rate can make quite a difference. Of course, we’ve done a lot of the hard work for you – so why not put our experience to work for you! Use our online estimate form or call us for personal attention.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Costa Mesa Home Insurance Coverage Review

Have you reviewed your Costa Mesa Home Insurance Policy lately?
Living in Costa Mesa “The Best Place to Live” your home is one of your biggest investments and potentially an inheritance for your children. As such, you need to do everything you can to protect it. Regular maintenance of roofing and guttering will go a long way to protect your home from damage by the elements. A good weather resistant paint will protect the structure for years and lessen the necessity to repaint as frequently. Check under sinks occasionally for leaky pipes - they can cause a great deal of damage before you are aware of it. If you neglect routine maintenance around your home, you may be penalised in the event of a claim on your insurance.
A home insurance policy will generally protect your biggest asset from damage by fire, hurricane, hail, and lightning, covering for repair or replacement of your home. As such it is essential that you ensure you insure it for an amount sufficient to rebuild in the event of a total loss. Deliberately insuring your home for an inadequate amount is not a sensible thing to do and will only serve to disappoint you if you need to claim on it.
Home insurance will also provide you with coverage for legal expenses in the event that personal injury occurs to someone visiting at your home.
Why not call one of our agents at Excelsure Insurance for a hassle free homeowners insurance quote. We’re right here in Costa Mesa, so we are familiar with property values and will guide you in your choices.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Liability insurance for small business

California business insurance can be expensive and budgeting for it – and any increases you might need in coverage as your business expands – is absolutely essential. Policies should be reviewed annually. Here are a few things that should be taken into consideration during your business policy review:

§  Have your business assets increased in value? If so, is your coverage for damage and theft still sufficient?

§  Have you constructed new buildings or sheds on your premises? You’ll need to recalculate the cost of rebuilding the premises if you have.

§  Do you have machinery that you didn’t have last year? If you’ve purchased new items are they included on the policy? Do you need equipment breakdown coverage?

§  Are you carrying a higher level of stock than you have done previously?

§  Do you have new products or services? If you do, has your risk of being held liable for injury or damage increased?

An annual review of workplace safety is also a good idea. As your business grows, new risks can emerge. It might be the case that your workplace safety procedures need to be updated or expanded.

Check the cost of your premiums against the previous year. If they’ve increased significantly it could be a good time to shop around for better prices.

If you need assistance with your business owners policy review or if it’s time to reduce the cost of your premiums, talk to the Excelsure. We’re experienced in assisting California businesses big and small to manage their insurance needs.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Understanding Flood Insurance Risks

Flood risk is such a generalized term. But insurers cannot generalize about any risk – it’s their job to be specific. An excellent place to find good information about how flooding and flooding risks are defined is, the official NationalFlood Insurance Program site.
Granted, flooding can happen almost anywhere, but there are particular areas, which are especially susceptible to raised water troubles. Risk areas can be broken up as follows: high-risk, moderate-to-low risk, and undetermined-risk regions.

High-risk areas have at least a 1% chance of flooding every year. If you do the math, this equals a 26% chance of flooding over the life of a typical 30-year mortgage. In these regions, every homeowner with federally regulated or insured lenders is required to purchase flood insurance.

Moderate-to-low risk regions are outside the 1% annual flood risk floodplain. Flood insurance isn’t required for these places, but it is highly recommended. “Undetermined” risk areas are regions where no flood-hazard analysis has been commissioned.

Perhaps you’re new to the area you live in and don’t really know what to expect when the rains come. The best way to find out the level of your flood risk is to have your insurance agent perform a risk profile.

If you’d like further information about flood insurance or your need coverage, contact a customer service representative for information and a quote.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Preventing Fires in Your Home

Whether you live in the city or in a rural area, dwelling fire insurance in California is just as important as it is anywhere else. And while making sure you’re covered against the financial impact of a fire is a really good idea, taking steps to prevent it from happening to your home is an even better one. Even with modern reporting devices, many new safety standards for home construction and work being consistently done to make appliances safer there are still many home fires that lead to death and homes being destroyed. Here are a few fire prevention tips that go a long way to making an impact on prevention:
  • install smoke detectors and change the batteries regularly
  • clean clothes dryer vents regularly
  • keep flammable objects away from your stove while cooking
  • have electrical wiring in older dwellings examined
  • repair or replace any faulty appliances
  • make sure curtains, clothing and blankets are kept away from heating appliances
  • have an electrical safety switch installed
  • blow out candles when you leave a room for any period of time
  • Clean fireplaces regularly to prevent chimney fires
Even if there is no bodily injury, a fire can cause extreme financial damage. In just minutes, everything you've worked so hard to accumulate can be lost. If you don't have some sort of fire coverage, you could find yourself starting from scratch. Not to mention the emotional stress from being displaced.
If you need dwelling fire insurance in California ask us for a competitive quote today.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Commercial Property Insurance Quote

Commercial property insurance can be an expensive item but the risk of being uninsured or under insured is one most property owners can’t afford to take. If you need a commercial property insurance quote you’ll need to speak to experts. It’s one of our specialty areas so we can help you find the right coverage without paying more than you need to.

If you have a large property, like a city office building or an apartment complex, insuring it can cost you a small fortune. Because prices can vary thousands of dollars between insurers for the same level of coverage, an agency like ours can potentially save you a substantial sum of money. Our experience in dealing with this type of insurance means we know where to look for the best coverage for the type of property you own.

Why the large difference in price between insurers? Insurers all have their preferences as to the type of risks they’re happy to insure, and those they consider a little high - and each has their own way of assessing those risks and calculating premiums. So basically, one insurer may assess the risk level of insuring your property much higher than another.

Our experience can help you save money so if you need a commercial property insurance quote call us today to discuss insuring your property.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Renters Insurance from a local agent

Are you looking for affordable renters insurance in California? Let us help you find the right policy for you.

In the event of a burglary, would you be able to afford to replace your furniture, clothing, books, DVDS, sporting equipment and other personal possessions from your savings? No? Most people can’t and that’s why some level of insurance is usually necessary.

Rented homes are just as vulnerable to theft as owner occupied ones and just because you’re renting doesn’t mean you don’t have valuable possessions! So how do you determine how much coverage you need? Simple – add up how much it would cost you to replace everything in the event of a fire that destroyed it all.

While you’re doing that, make up a list of all the property you own. Against major items – particularly appliances - make a note of when you purchased it, and the cost. It’s a good idea to keep receipts for appliances. In the event of a claim you may be asked by the insurance company to show proof of purchase. If you don’t have the receipt, the packaging or box that the item came in, or a credit card statement verifying its purchase is usually sufficient. Having that proof will help speed up the claims process.

Don’t delay in covering your possessions against theft and destruction. Get an online renters insurance quote now from Excelsure Insurance or call us for assistance, we’d be glad to help you figure out would level of coverage you might need.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Questions Asked When Purchasing Umbrella Insurance

If you knew the questions they were going to ask you on a game show beforehand, chances are you’d probably do very well. Life is not a game show, however, and it’s rare anybody becomes wealthy just from knowing the answers to a few trivial questions.

Nevertheless, you may just feel like a game show winner if you are ready for the questions your agent or broker might ask you when you are purchasing umbrella insurance. Naturally, you cannot know everything they’ll ask. But the more you know, the better it will go.

You might be asked what you own in addition to your auto. Do you have any other motorized vehicles, such as motorcycles or mopeds? Now, this may be an uncomfortable one, but are there any drivers in your household with mental or physical impairments? You might be quizzed about whether or not you have any employees at your residence. Your agent or broker might also ask if you care for any property that is not your own, which exceeds a value of $1,000.

Knowing how to respond to these queries won’t make the audience go wild or cause some witty game show host to reach over and shake your hand. But by being prepared, you’ll help the process go a whole lot faster.

If you have questions about umbrella insurance or you’re ready to take out a policy, contact a customer service representative now.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Costa Mesa Auto Insurance Coverage

Do you have sufficient autoinsurance coverage for life in Costa Mesa?
Each year many drivers cause of get into an accident because of our friends in nature. You may not have yet had this happen, but how many times have you driven down a road and had to swerve to avoid a squirrel or maybe someone’s lost family pet. If you have been driving for any length of time, the answer is probably many times. Costa Mesa and Orange Country overall are still growing and that means that the wild animal habitat is decreasing – we are impinging on their space and they have to look further afield for food and shelter.
The best course of action would be to avoid collision a collision in the first place - be more vigilant when driving between dusk and midnight and in the early morning hours when they are more active. Keep your speed at least within the speed limit to give yourself a chance of being able to stop should an animal cross your path. Make sure you know your surroundings. It may sound strange to say but don’t swerve into oncoming traffic be prepared to pull off onto the side of the road if you can. If you are in a less populated area, keep your headlights on high beam to give you a larger field of vision especially when driving on unfamiliar roads (but please remember to dim them if a car is approaching from the opposite direction).
If you are unlucky enough to be involved in a collision, you must have a comprehensive auto insurance coverage for your car and yourself and/or passengers to be covered. The Staff at Excelsure Insurance would be happy to discuss not only your auto insurance needs but all of your insurance requirements – call us today.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

California Business Insurance

Do you need some advice about Business Insurance in California?
We have the desire and experience to design, implement and manage your personal insurance program. A dedicated and experienced account manager will deliver a high quality and professional service based on the concept of "planned protection". ExcelSure Insurance knows what the local needs are for California business insurance because we are a local business.
Starting out in business is a huge commitment. Having decided to start your own business, you carefully went through the planning and finance stages, you found the perfect location and finally opened your doors to the public. You were taking risks from day 1, but as you grow you can afford to lessen those risks and we would like to advise you on the insurances available to your business.
Some insurances such as workers compensation you must have if you employ at least one person who can be injured at work or develop an illness related to the workplace that you operate. Depending on the business you are in, we can advise you on business insurance you should have and those you may be able to put off a little longer with full knowledge of the possible risks and costs involved. There are many types of insurance and not all of them will apply to your business. We will explain covers that will protect your business. You’ve come a long way. We don’t want you to lose the business that you’ve worked so hard to build.
Call us today for a free risk appraisal and quote