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Monday, July 23, 2012

Preventing Fires in Your Home

Whether you live in the city or in a rural area, dwelling fire insurance in California is just as important as it is anywhere else. And while making sure you’re covered against the financial impact of a fire is a really good idea, taking steps to prevent it from happening to your home is an even better one. Even with modern reporting devices, many new safety standards for home construction and work being consistently done to make appliances safer there are still many home fires that lead to death and homes being destroyed. Here are a few fire prevention tips that go a long way to making an impact on prevention:
  • install smoke detectors and change the batteries regularly
  • clean clothes dryer vents regularly
  • keep flammable objects away from your stove while cooking
  • have electrical wiring in older dwellings examined
  • repair or replace any faulty appliances
  • make sure curtains, clothing and blankets are kept away from heating appliances
  • have an electrical safety switch installed
  • blow out candles when you leave a room for any period of time
  • Clean fireplaces regularly to prevent chimney fires
Even if there is no bodily injury, a fire can cause extreme financial damage. In just minutes, everything you've worked so hard to accumulate can be lost. If you don't have some sort of fire coverage, you could find yourself starting from scratch. Not to mention the emotional stress from being displaced.
If you need dwelling fire insurance in California ask us for a competitive quote today.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Commercial Property Insurance Quote

Commercial property insurance can be an expensive item but the risk of being uninsured or under insured is one most property owners can’t afford to take. If you need a commercial property insurance quote you’ll need to speak to experts. It’s one of our specialty areas so we can help you find the right coverage without paying more than you need to.

If you have a large property, like a city office building or an apartment complex, insuring it can cost you a small fortune. Because prices can vary thousands of dollars between insurers for the same level of coverage, an agency like ours can potentially save you a substantial sum of money. Our experience in dealing with this type of insurance means we know where to look for the best coverage for the type of property you own.

Why the large difference in price between insurers? Insurers all have their preferences as to the type of risks they’re happy to insure, and those they consider a little high - and each has their own way of assessing those risks and calculating premiums. So basically, one insurer may assess the risk level of insuring your property much higher than another.

Our experience can help you save money so if you need a commercial property insurance quote call us today to discuss insuring your property.