Saturday, November 3, 2012

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Looking for commercial general liability insurance? It’s possible to take out a general liability insurance policy to cover your business for some common liability risks. If you or your employees offer advice to clients or make significant judgments that may affect your clients’ health and wellbeing, financial wellbeing or business operations, you may need additional professional liability coverage.

Here are some common risks businesses and consultancies that you may want coverage for:

§  Libel or slander
§  Copyright infringement associated with publications or advertising
§  Employment practices (discrimination, for example)
§  Bodily injury caused by you or an employee
§  Property damage caused by you or an employee
§  Professional negligence

Ensuring your business has adequate coverage is essential. Without it, a law suit could send your business into bankruptcy and even place your personal assets at risk.

There’s another good reason to ensure you have adequate liability coverage. Accidents and errors do happen and the more employees you have, the greater the chance of occurrence.  Compensating a person who is genuinely injured or has otherwise suffered due to an act or omission by you or an employee is usually the right and just thing to do. Liability insurance exists so that genuine victims can be compensated.

If you’d like to protect yourself and others, contact us today to discuss your liability insurance requirements.


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